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Gather & Resist – weeks of solidarity

The autonomous center Cologne calls out for the GATHER&RESIST – WEEKS OF SOLIDARITY from 28.6 to 7.7. – days of action and networking – long live AZ KÖLN!

The campaign KEIN TAG OHNE! (no day without!) mobilizes to defend the center that has existed for three years. On June 30th the present contract for the center ends. The end of contracts doesn`t mean eviction yet: With GATHER&RESIST we invite you to join the celebration of squatting and resistance, which is bound to hit the city.

During those days the AZ will be a place to gather from all whereabouts, to link our projects and struggles and to share our perspectives. GATHER&RESIST wants to be a platform for building and deepening networks.

At the same time we are taking a straight forward step towards solidarity and resistance. We will build barricades, fortify the building and our actions will create a situation of pressure for those in power.

Yes, let`s squat again

Trapped by contracts, orders an regulations – it’s time to break free.

If the legal contract with an autonomous center is terminated we* are able to take a new step towards empowerment. The uprising takes shape and we can already feel it´s warmth, like numbed hands coming back to life in a mad tickling.  We won´t complain no more, that the shitsystem as it is won´t let us have spaces of dissent. We understand that we will always have to fight for our politics, art and culture, since our ideas draw a line against the ruling class – razor sharp.

The autonomous center in Cologne has been the crystallization point of our debates and struggles in the last years – may all of it continue. The ideals that have been present in this house, for which we argued and which we celebrated, for which we had discussions and worked for, those ideals are independent of any rigid building. After all a building is just a small space in a world of force and oppression.

Defending a loved project may be a symbolic act in this respect or it could as well be the starting point for a new wave of squatting and bringing about a resistant every-day life.