If you need a place to sleep, please contact Schlafplatz-koeln[ät]riseup.net as soon as possible. We are asking for a few information that let us plan the week easily:

– how many you are?
– when do you plan to arrive and how long are you going to stay (roughly)?
– do you need one/more separate bed(s) or is it ok to sleep on the floor?
– thinks we shall consider: are kids coming along with you, are you allergic (food intolerance, pets, etc)?

Once you arrived at the AZ, drop by at the Infopoint and you will get all necessary information.


A vegan voku is organised in order to provide daily breakfast and a warm meal. Drop a mail to Schlafplatz-koeln[ät]riseup.net in case of food-intolerance.

Awareness / Safer Spaces

An awareness structure and an Out of Action-area will be available at all times. In order to use these structures in an effective way, we will provide rooms for retreat and safer spaces (e.g. dormitories for WomenLesbiansTransInter* and People of Colour). More info you can find here.

Out of action

During Gather&Resist an „Out of action“-group will offer emotional first aid for activists. More informations you can find here.


We are trying to convert the AZ into a space as-child-friendly-as-possible. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee daily child care in advance. If necessary we are going to organize child care right on the spot.


There is a potential thread of eviction during the G+R week and most likely many people are going to be in and around the house. Therefore we would like to ask to think about driving a dog into such a situation or if it wouldn’t be possible to accommodate it elsewhere.


We won’t serve alcohol during the day, but during the regular bar nights that are going to take place.


During the week we would like to keep the house smoking free. We are going to demarcate certain smoking areas within the house if the weather sucks and prevents us from staying outside.


During the week we will work on barricades together. Because we can´t offer tools for everyone, please bring your one (hammer, cordless screwdriver, nails, screws, saws et cetera.). Also building material such as timbers and welding metal will be needed.


There will be sufficient room for input, workshops, discussions, assemblies and actions that we will organize together. If you have further contributions to the program, please contact gatherandresist[ät]riseup.net.